• Marian Hanna, MPH

If I Can Apply False Eyelashes, Literally Anyone Can

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

How to Put Mink Eyelashes

1. Trim the ends of each of the 5D mink eyelash strips.

Measure the strip against your eyelids and then trim off the excess. You can use the excess pieces to stack upon the lash strip at your eye's outer corners for an additional bow chika wow wow if you’re into that type of thing. Whatever you want, okay.

2. Apply your lash glue with a purpose.

Hold the lashes and dab on a thin line of glue across the lash band and on both ends (no globbing). The ends are important so that the lashes do not lift while you’re wearing them (or fly off your face). DO NOT IMMEDIATELY STICK TO YOUR EYELID, DEAR LORD. Wait and let the glue dry a little — but not too much. Waiting 30 seconds, should be enough time for it to feel tacky, not wet.

3. Look DOWNWARDS to apply, NOT straight ahead.

The MOST CHALLENGING part is usually placing the strip onto the lash line close enough so that it's right on top your natural lashes. Place a mirror under your face and look down, so that you'll be better able to view exactly where the strip should be placed. NO EYE POKING HERE.

DO NOT close your eyes when applying your lashes. YOU GOT THIS. You can place lash strips with your fingers or tweezers. YOU DO YOU, BOO.

4. Use SOME eyeliner to BLEND the lash strip band.

Now that you've popped your beautiful lashes on, add a bit of your favorite eyeliner and draw a line from the band from where it begins to the inner corner of your eye. This will help blend the line of the band with your natural lash line. You may also flick out the end for a winged effect.

Gorgeous, right?

5. Now admire how FLAWLESS your lashes look.

Now you're ready to enter this CHAOTIC world with luxurious and fluttery eyelashes. If you're not a lash gluing connoisseur, do not worry, you will get the hang of it. After some practice, you will be able to pop these beauties on in less than 2 minutes.

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