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4 Poor Skincare Habits to Break 2021

Updated: May 30

It's everyone's dream to have flawless skin. On the path to skin glow up, however, we tend to overlook certain vital factors. Learning and unlearning habits are the only way we can progress in life and our skincare journey.

As a follow-up to our last post, we decided to give a list of poor skincare habits. Most of these are common and will simply serve as a reminder. This is because they are often overlooked but are of great importance. They include;

1. Sleeping with makeup on

After having a long day at work, nothing is more appealing than passing out on your cozy bed till the next morning. Unfortunately, failing to remove your makeup at night is the cause of skin-related trouble. You are likely to get skin breakouts because your pores will get clogged.

If this constantly passes your mind, you may choose to pair this with another nighttime routine. For example, every time you brush your teeth, you should also clean your face.

2. Keeping a dirty phone

This may sound absurd, considering all phones are dirty, especially with the constant touch and being placed on different kinds of surfaces. However, phones can be cleaned even if once a day. It's the complete neglect that causes danger to our bodies.

The reality is, our phones are exposed to dirt and bacteria daily. With the number of phone calls we receive, we are always resting our cheeks and chins on phone surfaces. The mere friction can cause breakouts, and the dirt and bacteria are transferred on our faces. Eventually, we are prone to acne or worse.

3. Pillowcases

We are encouraged to clean our beddings regularly because of good hygiene practice. What may surprise most people is that this also protects our skin. Washing your beddings, pillowcases included, should be done at least once every week.

What happens is that your beddings absorb dirt and boil over time. Once you press your face on the plows leads to direct exposure. In turn, you may end up with wrinkles or acne.

4. Popping pimples and zits

Zits can be particularly annoying. The temptation to pick, poke and prick them is even greater. In the spur of the moment, this always seems like a good idea. In the long run, however, all this brings is regret.

By acting on the pimple, we end up pushing bacteria further into the pores. Ultimately, the once upon small zit becomes inflamed and infected. Most of the time, its life span doubles up and leaves you with permanent scarring.

With these tips in mind, you know what to avoid. Evaluate your skincare routine, and if you find yourself a victim of these processes, it's time to make a change. Don’t forget to check out the beauty products we offer at Marian Hanna.

Poor Skincare Habits to Break

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