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5 Best Clean Beauty Practices Everyone Should Know

Updated: May 30

Having flawless skin that glows is what most of us long for. I mean, who doesn't want to look and feel good? However, the constant emergence of new products into the market can cause challenges. Also, every inch of the internet is filled with 'best beauty practices.'

This further causes difficulty in deciding on a routine that works for you. If you are a newbie or still soul searching for the best beauty practice, stick to the basics. Below, we will cover some beauty practices that guarantee flawless skin if you adhere to them.

1. Avoid many products at once

With the variety of products on shelves, we tend to apply many products to our bodies. However, this should not be the case. Such behavior increases the chances of dogged pores and breakouts.

What most skincare lovers don't understand is that failing to focus on ingredients may result in using incompatible products. Instead of enhancing your skin, they cancel each other out. This leaves you confused as to what may have gone wrong.

Simplicity works best. Focus on a few products at a time. Remember to check out ingredients and monitor their effectiveness using a skin diary.

2. Moisturize both during the day and at night

The ideal times to moisturize are when you leave the shower and before getting into bed at night. Steer clear of lotions that have strong fragrances. Try moisturizers that are gentle and support everyday use without irritation.

Moisturizing after taking a shower is common while moisturizing at night hasn't been fully embraced. The truth is, night moisturizing is just as crucial. This is because the repair and renewal of skin cells take place while we sleep.

3. Keep your face free from your hands.

When touching your face, only do so when moisturizing or cleansing. Your hands also need to be clean for such processes. Strive to keep your hands away from your face.

Transfer of dirt, bacteria, and oil from our hands to the face is easy. In turn, you will be left with breakouts, which can also lead to scarring.

4. Direct Heat Exposure

Avoiding direct exposure to the sun is necessary for healthy skin. Fortunately, you can apply sunscreen before leaving the house to protect yourself from the sun. You should do so thirty minutes before getting out of the house. You should also consider reapplying once you sweat or go swimming.

According to dermatology experts, not just sun exposure can negatively affect your skin. Being too close to fireplaces and heaters can equally affect you. You should, therefore, consider staying about ten feet away.

5. Regularly Cleaning Makeup Brushes

You may think to yourself that this is an unnecessary process. In reality, dirty brushes could be the reason your pores get clogged. Also, you could end up with bacterial infections. A weekly clean of your foundation brushes and twice a month for eye brushes should suffice.

With the above processes in mind, you are sure to get your skin glowing and healthy. Knowing your skin type is also a significant first step to taking good care of your skin. At Marian Hanna, we prioritize educating you on all things clean beauty.

Best Clean Beauty Practices

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