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Why Clean Beauty?

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Clean Beauty attracts a lot of misconceptions. Most of these misconceptions are mainly due to the porous regulations allowed in the beauty care industry. On quite many occasions, these misconceptions once allowed to fly, have only resulted in creating more difficulty for those genuinely interested in Clean Beauty.

While there are growing interests in Clean Beauty, there are equally growing misconceptions about what it truly means. For anyone interested in knowing the truth about Clean Beauty, the best example of what can describe Clean Beauty is an orange fruit. The orange fruit is made up of the external flesh, the softer internal flesh, seeds, and its actual juice but all of these are held together at its epicenter. The orange’s epicenter makes up the fruit, and from the epicenter, one can see the entire makeup of the orange fruit.

This orange fruit analogy is just the truth about Clean Beauty. Many people who are interested in Clean Beauty do not usually carry out in-depth research, and these leaves them at the mercy of misconceptions that are put out there for dishonest gains.

If you want to know the truth about Clean Beauty, there are some important questions which you must ask. This article will provide answers to just three of these essential questions.

Why use Clean Beauty products?

If you do not know until now, Clean Beauty products are personal care products that are from non-toxic ingredients that help you care for your skin without putting your health at risk. The truth about the nearly 90,000 toxic ingredients used in the production of personal care products is that they do not beautify the users as suggested by the manufacturers of these products instead, they fill up the bodies, bones, and tissues of the users of the product with poisons in small doses until there is a buildup which will harm them, and may lead to terminal illnesses with time.

You see, time is what you still have now because if you’ve not been using Clean Beauty products until now, then it is inevitable that you have a high toxic load already from being subjected to these toxic ingredients. Hence, it is vital to reduce your toxic load to the barest minimum by embracing Clean Beauty products as this will help you minimize your risks of suffering terminal diseases to the barest minimum.

Why switch to Clean Beauty?

Deciding to switch to Marian Hanna Clean Beauty Products puts you in charge of what goes in your body. It helps you focus on what is safe for you without leaving a hole in your pocket like the regular personal care products. The personal care industry is loosely regulated, and it is the end-user that bears most of the brunt of this lack of control in the industry. The use of Marian Hanna Clean Beauty Products also allows you to contribute to the sustainability of the environment through the use of safe and recyclable packaging of Marian Hanna Clean Beauty products.

Why Clean Beauty matters? Why is clean skincare important?

Clean Beauty matters for several reasons with the most important being the personal care benefits you gain without risking your health. Clean Beauty also matters because manufacturers do not bear any consequences for the use of toxic ingredients in the production of care products, but Clean Beauty generates enough awareness about this sick practice and encourages people intending to use these products to run checks of their own and be responsible.

Overall, Clean Beauty matters because it puts you in charge, and it allows you to say a big no to toxic ingredients in care products.

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