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What does Clean Beauty mean?

Updated: Apr 28

In the world of advertisement, buzz words are often used to hype and boost product sales. You’ll hear things like “100% natural,” “all-round effective,” “complete solution,” “quick improvement,” amongst others. Most times, buzz words may persuade a buyer to buy a product. I have purchased some products because of the buzz words used to advertise them, and I’m quite sure you have too. However, after the first use of the product, you will realize the truth, and from then, become wary of products advertised with such buzz words.

Buzz words are the current challenge of clean beauty products. I think clean beauty products were wrongly introduced to the market with these buzz words rather than through education and knowledge sharing. The buzz words used to hype clean beauty products over the last decade only created apathy for clean beauty products and confused product users.

It is our responsibility to correct the notion about clean beauty, and how are we going to do this? We will educate people and share knowledge about what clean beauty truly means. Educating people will help them to understand the benefits of clean beauty products, and it will help them warm up to the products.

In the most real sense, Clean beauty describes products:

- Formulated from non-toxic ingredients, i.e., ingredients that are safe for human use and the environment. An ingredient is non-toxic if it does not leave a mass of poisonous, or non-degradable products that may cause human and environmental health problems in its wake.

- Whose packaging is made from sustainable and recyclable materials.

- Whose constituents are naturally derived from plants and, even when the constituents are synthesized, they are non-toxic.

The purpose of clean beauty is simple, and we have to make people understand that clean beauty only seeks to create complete answers to beauty and wellness for everybody.

What is the clean beauty movement?

The clean beauty movement is championed by people like you and I, who are committed to educating the public about clean beauty products. This movement creates awareness about the ingredients used in beauty products, and they educate product users about the long term effects of these ingredients to enable them to make healthy choices. “Knowledge is power,” and what power gives people is the right to choose what they want for themselves.

What is the clean beauty trend?

Many people ignorantly label clean beauty as a trend. When I first got knowledge of clean beauty, I thought it was just another market strategy to sell products. However, in the course of learning more about clean beauty, I realized that it is more than a trend. I’d say clean beauty is liberation and freedom from the wiles of a profit-focused industry. Clean beauty has generated several intelligent discussions that are now empowering users with the chance to demand the kinds of ingredients they want in their self-care products. These discussions are gradually winning because the efforts of people are conscientious. Many people are embracing clean beauty products, and are making choices to ensure that clean beauty becomes a core part of themselves rather than just a trend.

Is clean beauty a skincare revolution?

A revolution cannot happen unless knowledge is shared about a problem. Clean beauty is a knowledge spark that has illuminated the many dark sides of cosmetic practice, and you can call it a revolution if you like. With clean beauty, the skincare industry cannot remain the same. Product manufacturers have to either meet the standards and demands of clean beauty or risk zero patronage of their products.

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