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Is Clean Beauty Better?

Updated: May 30

Have you at some point thought about the varying views on clean beauty? Gosh! It sometimes feels like a debate among politicians where everyone is just trying to be heard without necessarily making any point. Utter chaos is an apt way to put it. We have however learned that overtime, right in the middle of the topsy-turvy, you can find the truth.

Now, what is the truth about clean beauty?

Forgive us. We may not be psychic but I’m sure it feels like we can read your mind right now. Well, that is because you most likely want to know what we have found out about clean beauty. For some other person reading this article, it may be that you want to know which side of the argument we subscribe to. We’ll get to all of this in a moment and hopefully, We’ll be able to communicate our thoughts clearly and concisely to drive home our point. In any case, you can always leave comments on any of our posts and we promise to respond to the comments ASAP.

Let us start with this – what does clean beauty promise all of us?

Our human efforts have rarely led us to find permanent solutions to the problems plaguing us, and most times, the problems we cannot find permanent solutions to, are often self-inflicted.

Over the years, our self-care industry has grown so big but unfortunately, the focus these days is on amassing the most profit. That’s why most self-care products available on the market only result in more problems for users especially when used over time. Our quest for beauty has also exposed us all to several harmful practices that are being promoted by the global skincare products industry. These harmful practices affect our planet and have subjected it more to the harsher effects of global warming.

This is a big challenge and thankfully, clean beauty has risen to this challenge. We have found that within the same self-care industry, there are some change agents. Quite a few have chosen to help us solve this problem permanently if we all embrace clean beauty.

Is clean beauty better? – that is the question this article seeks to answer but to answer this question without any ambiguity, there are some other questions that we believe will help you decide for yourself rather than just taking whatever we write hook, line, and sinker.

What is non-toxic skincare?

Most skincare products available today are formulated from ingredients that carry toxic properties. These ingredients when used over the long term cause considerable damage to their users.

Non-toxic skincare encourages the use of products formulated from safe ingredients, i.e., ingredients without toxic properties. These ingredients may be naturally derived from plants or synthesized in the laboratory but they are safe and of the highest quality. These ingredients also do not constitute problems to our ecosystem but encourage its flourishing. Non-toxic skin care is possible through clean beauty practices.

Is clean beauty only for the rich?

Clean beauty is not exclusively reserved for the rich. Many people believe you need fat pockets to practice and enjoy the benefits of clean beauty, but that is mostly another misconception trailing clean beauty.

With clean beauty, you now have the power to choose products based on the ingredients they contain, and what’s interesting about this is that your budget does not pose any significant hindrance as widely portrayed.

Clean beauty is a fundamental right for everyone it is the most prominent right for self-care product users, and since nothing can deny you of your rights, money should not.

What does clean skincare mean?

Clean skincare is a practice that encourages the use of sustainable skincare products that are made from non-toxic ingredients to gain incredible skin benefits without causing any damage to the environment. Clean skincare products are usually powerful and rich in anti-oxidants as well as other required skin nutrients. Clean skincare is also possible only through clean beauty practices.

Having discussed these sub-questions, now let us backtrack to the main question in this post.

Is clean beauty better?

Clean beauty is better in many ways because it helps us to solve many of our self-inflicted challenges. The solutions offered by clean beauty are easy to implement, and their effects on reducing the chances of several terminal ailments and further depletion to our planet are greater. It is so easy to get on the clean beauty side of life. Once you commit, you only need to get rid of a few things, then gradually, you would get rid of more until you will reach a full overhaul.

Is Clean Beauty Better?

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