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What is the Truth About Clean Beauty?

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

I want you to think about your skin for a second. Do you know that it is the largest organ you’ve got, and it is most susceptible to damage?

Granted, you may never know this before now, and even if you do, you may not be fully aware of the kind of damage in question. Our skin lacks protection from very harmful products which we use in its care. These products do not only damage the skin, but they go on to have damaging effects on the environment also because of the unsafe types of packaging they use, and they leave all of us in a very tough situation. Now that you fully understand the challenge before us, you may be wondering just how we can solve this problem. I’ll tell you the solution, and that is Clean Beauty.

What's Clean Beauty?

Clean Beauty is a practice that is safe for people and the environment through the use of skincare products that contain non-toxic ingredients. See, Clean Beauty is not the latest buzzing trend. Instead, it is a lifestyle of commitment to the use of products that are safe for your body and the environment.

The personal care industry is one that is lax with checks and regulations, so, quite too often, product manufacturers may claim that their products have certain properties to attract sales. However, due to the lack of tight checks and regulations, the ingredients mostly used in the manufacture of these products have been found to contain toxic elements that subject the skin and our overall health to damage over time. Some of the toxic ingredients commonly found in personal care products include parabens, phthalates, triclosan, artificial coloring, and fragrances, etc., and these poisonous ingredients are known to cause ailments ranging from cancer to abnormal hormonal changes, skin irritation, and damage, etc.

So, Clean Beauty is giving you a big chance to choose and prioritize the safety of your body and the environment over a profit invested industry. It is just like deciding to start eating healthy, and you decide to kick out all the junk, processed, and chemical-laden food for naturally derived food only that this time, you choose to settle for products with safe ingredients and packaging.

Is Clean Beauty worth it? Why is clean beauty important?

Clean Beauty is not only essential because a considerable percentage of the ingredients used in most of our care products have never passed through safety tests. It is, in fact, worth every effort because it puts you in charge and makes you accountable for the use of safe personal care products that do not contain toxic ingredients, most of which have been banned abroad but not in the United States. Clean Beauty practice guarantees your safety and that of the environment from the harsh consequences of using beauty products that contain toxic ingredients.

Which is worth your decision? Clean Beauty or looking good at the detriment of your health and the environment’s health?

Be wise! Use only care products that are safe down to the packaging. That way, you are not only ensuring the best for your health; you are also contributing to the restoration of our peeling planet.

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